Tasting crisis in New Jersey is not over yet

Tasting crisis in New Jersey is not over yet

Even though seniors and juniors in the state schools just passed standardized tests but for the first and second form of high education institution everything just begins.

This Friday court agreed to keep results of students who passed the SAT, ACT, PARCC or other state exams, like a shred of clear evidence that they’re ready to graduate. Though that agreement isn’t permanent. It will be valid just until the court approves new rules.

This trade-off solves the problem of more than 100 000 students. In the first place, the panel of judges declined all previous government regulations; therefore, seniors’ results were reset. That resolution was questioned by the Center of Law Education. The representative of the institution said that they look forward to co-operating with state officials to elaborate a suitable option for future freshmen.

What is going to happen with students from the first and second forms of a high education institution isn’t clear yet.

Uncertainty in state rules

In the NJ state standardized test in maths and English for seniors in order to graduate from high school has been carrying on for many years. That was prescribed in rules before PARCC test was highlighted among others by local government.

State Education Department notified students that they have to pass English in pre-senior grade and Maths tests in the last grade. Usage of other state results is allowed before the next year.

The problem of state exams remains open. Officials still seek for a long-term settlement, while temporary decisions are buying them time. According to current rules about examination students from the first and second form of high education institution also have to pass maths and English tests, even though it is clearly in violation of the law.

The solution must be found

The government could solve the problem in different ways. For example, simply by adding a new examination to graduation tests’ program or changing current rules. Anyway, these problems keep students in limbo. Unclear what kind exams juniors and seniors will take next year.

How the state government trying to fix the problem

Governor Murphy tried to liberate students from such a burden. He organized a campaign which tried to remove PARCC and standardized tests which were necessary for graduation from school. After some time governor claimed that such action impossible to implement, though earlier he thought otherwise.

Murphy tried hard to end stressful school graduation. That attempt showed the USA government what is needed to be changed. New Jersey governor is very protective to his people and students especially. By the force of union of New Jersey society and Law Education Department, testing rules were challenged multiple times.